UWEs and CCCs added

27 Dec 2018

This is the sixteenth article on the website.

After the success of adding the course content, I have also added all my CCC and UWE content in the blog. They can be found at: <UWE/a> and CCC.

Most of my UWEs are centered around Math and I have not presented you a wholesome picture of some of the fantastic courses offered in SNU. Don’t take UWEs or CCCs out of peer pressure and take calculated risks while choosing high credit CCCs and UWEs. Some UWEs and CCCs require prerequisite knowledge and may require more time commitment than even your majors. Take calculated risks and ask your friends, seniors and the respective professors about the courses. Remember that your respective majors are the most important and these electives should never be placed at a higher pedestal than the former. Try to complete all these courses by 6th semester and keep 7th semester as light as possible.

Disclaimer A lot of things might change till you read the list. This is the course content according to my semester. Professors will change and so will their teaching style. Make changes accordingly. If you like this blog and want to see more course reviews from new departments like IRG, Management, etc, please mail them to me.

If you want to recommend any other courses, interesting material or want to offer some feedback, please reach me at email or the one mentioned below.

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