In this blog post, I will be adding the material that I had used for my CCCs.


EVS is like a 2-edged sword. Inspite of its uselessness, it is a pretty heavy credit course(4). It has a great weightage and can literally sink or improve your grade substantially. Most classes are unsimulating and there are too many slides that are needed to be covered. It is good to create a condensed slide version for exam preparation. Another important part of this course is the field trip project. It is important to follow all the guidelines specified by the respective professor to get a good grade in this. It is not very difficult. It is helpful to complete CCC credits.


Genetics is a pretty interestinc CCC in my opinion. A lot of facts are interesting and helpful for someone interested in Biology. The classes were decent too. If you are not a big fan of biology, I will recommend you not to take it. It can get pretty cryptic after sometime. Try to attend all classes and keep a note of all the important things said. Sample questions asked in the exam can be seen here.

General Biochemistry

General Biochemsitry is a very light course. The exams are very easy and everything is covered from the slides. The professor is very understanding and helps in making the easy dissolution of concepts. Even if you are not a big fan of biology, it will not be very overwhelming.

Historical films through Psychoanalytical Lens

Historical films through psychoanalytical lens is a reputed course both for good and bad reasons. Imagine a course where you are graded for watching movies :). The classes were pretty simulating and the discussions were interesting too. We watched a lot of movies and read a lot of film philosophy work by the likes of Lacan, Zizek, etc. We even met a person from the prstigious FTII. If you enjoy movie watching as an art, then this is like a dream come true. There are some caveats as well. Although, this course is centered around appreciation of movies, a lot of movies that we watched were prett mediocre. We didn't cover some gems like Fight Club. The discussions were philosophical and someone who does not have an experience in similar courses will feel left out in the class. The grading is completely based on a screenplay. Ensure that your screenplay has elements from the movies shown in the class. It should be intersting enough. Also, work hard on your screenplay and make it as crisp as possible. This course is worth 3 credits and making just the screenplay perfect would ensure you a good grade.

Disclaimer: A lot of things might have changed till the time that you take the course. Take the advice here after weighing all the important facts in your mind.