In this blog post, I will be adding the material that I had used for my UWEs.

Graph Theory

Graph theory is one of the most favorite courses that I had in my college life. The professor does a wondeful job in explaining Graph theory concepts and also makes sure that all the students from varying backgrounds like CSE, Economics, etc are kept at the same level. The class was discursive and the level waas streams Inspite of being a Mathematics course that requires proof writing, the grading is lenient on that. Mathematics majors are judged at a slightly higher level as they are assumed to already have a good grounding of proofs. The course is completely absolute and one has to score good marks in every graded component like the asignments, quizzes and examinations. In my opinion, the assignments and the exams are graded more leniently than the quizzes. The assignments are interesting and students are expected to put a good effort in them. They are non-trivial and can't be expected to be completed within a day or two. Personally, what helped me to secure a good grade was to attend every class and tutorial and do the book-back questions in Douglas West.